How To Videos have been created to address the most frequently raised technical enquiries received by Weber’s technicians for tile preparation, flooring products, renders and external wall insulation systems.

A problem being experienced across the UK and Europe, caused by mild winter temperatures that rarely fall below freezing, is the growth of algae, bacteria, fungus and mould, on external surfaces including render and brickwork. Weber’s new YouTube video illustrates how to remove unsightly algae using high performance weber CL150.  “This is an easy to use water-based masonry wash containing carefully selected biocides to clean and sterilise substrates,” says Rob Speke.

To help absorption weber CL150 must be applied undiluted to a dry substrate, saturating the affected area, using a brush or sprayer.  If severe, aid the process by agitating the surface with a nylon bristle brush which will speed up and improve the results.  Over 48 hours weber CL150 will kill the algae spores and the treated area now only requires jet washing at low pressure.  In severe or stubborn cases the process can be safely repeated over another 48 hour cycle of treatment.

“Once treated the substrate will be protected for a considerable period although in areas of high algae growth, such as north facing walls with limited sunlight, it is advisable to repeat the process every few years to maintain best aesthetics,” says Rob.

This How To video is one of 30 currently hosted on YouTube with plans for many more over the coming months.   For more information, or for technical support, please contact Saint-Gobain Weber on 08703 330070, or visit

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