The new Colour Guide from Saint-Gobain Weber has unveiled a new range of over 250 colours offering attractive synthetic finishes for both weber.therm External Wall Insulation systems and weber.rend base coat renders.

The launch of the Colour Guide is partnered with the introduction of a new state of the art colour matching and tinting system improving accuracy and efficiency. The current alphanumerical colour coding system is replaced with memorable names which are divided into four colourful seasons: Petit Pois and Oyster Shell are featured in the Spring collection; Banana Split and Carrot Cake in Summer; Cappuccino and Portobello in Autumn and Norwegian Breeze and Frosty Morning in Winter.

“When it comes to creating an attractive façade our high performance synthetic finishes really deliver,” says James Mead, marketing manager, Saint-Gobain Weber. “Colour, form and texture are the basic criteria that specifiers require to transform a building and bring it alive. We can help to achieve this in new build and refurbishment projects without any compromise in quality, performance and durability.”

Choosing the right colour for a building can take time. Computer generated images or digital overlays on photographs offer an insight and a quick and simple solution can be found on the weber. app using the colour consultant to review potential colour choices. Alternatively a free sample service is available to order on line at

“Colour appearance can vary depending on substrate, surface finish and orientation,” continues James Mead, “and the fundamental difference in the characteristics of cementitious and synthetic products can make a difference so it’s really important to request samples that show colour and texture on every specification.”

Saint-Gobain Weber’s new colour facility will be installed in two of their manufacturing plants in Telford and Ballyclare, NI, with production from April 2013. This localised supply confirms the company’s sustainability commitments helping to reduce transportation and CO₂ emissions, whilst ensuring product conformity and efficient delivery schedules.