Statistics from the Department of Energy and Climate Change show that 219 Green Deal Plans are now live with almost 1,000 more in the pipeline. More than 100,000 Green Deal Assessments had been carried out up to the end of October.

The news presents the latest statistics up to the end of October on the Green Deal  (GD) and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) up to the end of September.

By the end of August 311,250 measures were installed in around 273,000 properties through ECO, Cashback and Green Deal to the end of September, up from 251,655 measures to the end of August. The large majority of installed measures (98 per cent) were delivered through ECO.

Up to the end of October 101,851 Green Deal Assessments were lodged , up from 85,177 at end of September. The 16,674 Green Deal Assessments in October was 19 per cent higher than then number in September (13,967), which in turn was seven per cent higher than the number in August.

Green Deal Plans were in progress in 1,173 households at the end of October, compared to 954 at the end of September. Of these, 360 were ‘new’ quotes for GD Plans (quote accepted), 594 had moved to ‘pending’ (Plan signed) and 219 were ‘live’ (all measures installed), 19 per cent of all Plans (Chart 2). The large majority of plans have started from June onwards.

Provisional figures for ECO measures show there were 303,795 measures installed under ECO up to the end of September. 58,497 were installed in September, 50,212 in August and 44,927 in July. 33 per cent of all ECO measures installed to date were for cavity wall insulation, 32 per cent were for loft insulation, and 27 per cent were for boiler upgrades. All solid wall insulation types accounted for four per cent.