A new information resource for the property industry called Infabode has been revealed.  Targeted at anyone looking to access real estate industry research and information, Infabode uses new technology to change the way information is gathered and distributed within the sector.

Currently, the only way for professionals to access relevant industry information is by visiting or subscribing to multiple websites or newsletters, looking through thousands of online search results or hoping to see interesting content from their social media accounts.

Matt Partridge, from Infabode, said: “Infabode is the first social network to connect people with information, rather than people with people. Due to busy lives and the sheer amount of online information people are now faced with, we wanted to create a platform that solves the problem of information being spread across the web and the time constraints in accessing it.”

With content currently being provided by the likes of Savills, Cushman & Wakefield, Colliers, JLL and Property EU, Infabode provides news releases, articles and research about the property , which they already generate.

The information hub can be found at www.infabode.com/realestate