British Gypsum’s new Lifestyle Wall plasterboard has been installed on a residential refurbishment job in Nottinghamshire. Lifestyle Wall is a tough board created through the development of Gyproc Habito, which is five times stronger than plasterboard.

The main benefit of Lifestyle Wall for homeowners is its reinforced core, which means items such as TV brackets and shelves can be installed using a single no. 10 screw to support a weight of 15kg. There’s no need for specialist fixings.

JSW Property Services in Nottingham put the plasterboard through its paces. It was installed on all interior walls in the loft and on walls in the kitchen to meet the homeowner’s desire for a wall solution that offered installation flexibility in the long term.

Antony Ford of JSW said: “It’s much the same as normal plasterboard, only slightly heavier due to the reinforced core – though this isn’t a problem with two people on the job. Once you’ve screwed it up to the timber, it’s exactly the same to use.

“The difference in strength compared to standard plasterboard is immediately obvious. It’s brilliant; you don’t even need to reinforce it at the back.”