Multi-million-pound investments have been made in the UK in a plasterboard facility and manufacturing plant. We spoke to Neil Shaw, Country Manager at Etex and Ian Stokes, Managing Director at Knauf UK & Ireland about what this means to the sector, local community, and the environment.

The facility and manufacturing plant are significant investments amidst a period typified by inflation and availability concerns. Etex is expanding its Siniat plasterboard facility in Bristol which will have a huge impact on the volume of plasterboard in the UK market, increasing the companies Bristol-based production by 100%.

Knauf has invested with the multi-millionpound purchase of a new plasterboard manufacturing plant Gypfor, based in Newport, South Wales. They stated “It is an emphatic demonstration of the Group’s commitment to dry construction in the UK and Ireland markets.”

Both have reiterated that new jobs will be created and they will be focused on sustainability.

Continue reading to find out how these investments will help support the UK to be more self-sufficient and they will pave the way for future generations.