Finishing designer and manufacturer, aask us, has launched a brand-new site featuring innovative 3D experiences.

Designed to engage and inspire, the website offers a revolutionary user journey that enables visitors to interact with the company’s products in a virtual setting.

The company’s 3D virtual office space features a number of wall, ceiling and exterior systems, including it’s new glazed partition system, which maximises light, space and social safety.

Visitors can also benefit from 360 degree views around interactive 3D models, which help identify system components.

To provide an intuitive user experience, the website hosts an online product catalog which can be accessed via a search tool, as well as a resource centre that includes downloadable technical drawings of all standard wall and ceiling solutions. Exclusive CAD drawings have also been created, which can be accessed via the site’s unique membership area.

Anthony Chadley, Managing Director at aask us Ltd, said: “Since launching our company in 2004, we’ve continued to expand and evolve our product offering and production capacity. To successfully showcase our growing range, while bolstering our digital presence, we’ve launched a new website, which revolutionises the way customers view our products.

“Featuring 3D models, and an office environment that can be easily navigated and digested, our site enables users to gain a fuller understanding of our complete offering. We are extremely proud of the final result and we look forward to receiving feedback from new, and returning customers.”

To explore the new website, visit: