As clients look for sustainable options when reconfiguring or designing a new space, The Projects Company has designed a new relocatable partition that enables a truly unlimited variability of commercial or residential spaces.

AirWall offers fast dust free and quick relocation between spaces through an innovative locking system based on air pressurised components within the wall. Individual panels lift into place and interlock with wall and ceiling track.  Level the panels and push a button to activate the floor seal.  What could be simpler?

No need for a structure above the ceiling, as the stability is achieved with a system of interlocking elements that do not require anchoring to the floor or ceiling.  The seals are released by creating a vacuum that retracts the seal back into the module.

AirWall panels can be installed and dismantled in a matter of minutes.  Panels can be stored away from the room maximising the meeting space and are available as solid laminate faced, framed glazed, inset pass door and telescopic make up panel.

Standard panel heights are up to 4 meters with standard widths of 0.4 and 0.8 meters.  The solid panel has an acoustic performance rating of 39 dB RW.

Contact The Projects Company via or 0118 9464100 for more information.