The Federation of Plastering and Drywall Contractors (FPDC)  and the Association of Interior Specialists (AIS) have announced that they have begun formal discussions with a view to a merger. Whilst talks are at an early stage, both organisations are looking to combine their strengths to demonstrate leadership across the fit-out sector and provide greater value for members.

Angela Mansell, president of FPDC , said: ‘There is no better time to begin discussions which look at the possibility of a merger between AIS and FPDC. With both organisations having similar interests, a merger would bring together the best of the two companies to create a more robust organisation, better positioned to tackle industry issues going forward.’

AIS president Jonathan Cherry said: ‘Both AIS and FPDC recognise that in order to truly represent the interests of  our industry and that of our members we need to have a united voice. A merger would create a more representative and effective organisation, with greater influence to address the key issues that our sector faces.’