A newly formulated, spray-applied or manually applied plaster, intended for outside use on a range of substrates, is the latest innovative plaster to be made available from Beissier.

Bagar Airliss EXT is a new light-weight ready-to-use plaster that delivers a high-quality finish on exterior substrates such as concrete, cement and breeze block. Bagar Airliss EXT also gives contractors two application methods, manual or spray application through either Airless or Screw-pump machines allowing speed of application with a great finish, boosting productivity.

The vapour-permeable Bagar Airliss EXT formulation is water and moisture resistant and can be applied up to 5mm thick in one application – average consumption is 1 to 3kg/m2 depending on surface quality. The grey colour also benefits the painting and decorating packages by allowing over coating of traditional exterior paints, including thin film, EPS and waterproofing coatings.

Ready-to-use Bagar Airliss EXT is available in 25kg bags or tubs from Beissier through traditional distributors.