A special photocatalyst additive developed by building materials manufacturer Baumit uses the power of light to activate the self-cleaning effect in its Nanopor range of renders and paints.

Self-cleaning products often rely on rain or moisture contact to maintain a healthy-looking facade, but Baumit’s Nanopor systems require just sunlight, humidity and wind to provide a uniform, dirt-free surface.

The effect is produced when sunlight activates the photocatalysis additive in the Nanopor render or paint, affecting the upper-hydrophilic nano layer within the product while it dries. During this process, dirt is decomposed and lifted from the surface by air movement, with any remaining particles removed by rain and evaporation to leave a clean facade.

Within the range, Baumit NanoporTop is a ready-to-use, dirt- and pollution-repellent render for new build or renovation projects which can be hand or machine applied.