Beissier has unveiled a new range of plaster and filler solutions specifically designed to improve indoor air quality. The move follows the introduction of ACÉNIS plaster and filler, which includes an active formula that captures a volatile organic compound (VOC) and prevents its re-emission into the atmosphere.

Beissier’s research and development team developed ACÉNIS after recognising the potential harmful effects that formaldehyde, a VOC, can have on health and wellbeing.

This new ACÉNIS plaster and filler formula from Beissier, which now comes as standard in its Bagar Airliss G and Prestonett F plaster filler, captures formaldehydes and neutralises them, helping to keep indoor air clean.

Aaron Barbeau from Beissier said: “Research has shown that people in the UK spend, on average, 80 per cent of their lives in enclosed spaces, so indoor air quality is critical for their health and wellbeing. Formaldehydes are emitted from everyday items like furnishings, textiles and cleaning products, and while they don’t pose a problem in small doses, prolonged, long-term exposure can cause health issues.

“ACÉNIS destroys formaldehyde molecules and offers long-term protection against indoor air pollution. This capability makes ACÉNIS the ideal plaster and filler solution for buildings such as schools and hospitals which are regularly used by vulnerable groups, as well as spaces including commercial offices and hotels which are occupied for prolonged periods.”

Beissier’s Bagar Airliss G spray plaster and Prestonett filler ranges are available through selected trade merchants and specialist distributors.

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