Home Features Projects Bowiq Acoustic Plaster – Castleford Park

Pacy & Wheatley has recently completed the installation of a specialist acoustic spray system for Castleford Park Junior Academy in Castleford.

The dining hall has a high ceiling with feature beams and ties across it, supporting the visible purlins. Old painted surfaces which require special priming were located between various pitches at a height of 8.4 metres high and a footprint of around 180m2 creating a very open space to enjoy for lunchtimes and after school clubs.

The high ceiling and sports hall floor result in poor acoustics throughout the hall.

The solution was to place 37.5mm of BoSpray which is a cellulose Acoustic Spray with very good reverberation absorption qualities. This resulted in the reverberation time reducing to 1.75 seconds which is a major improvement.

The client is extremely happy with the fantastic results.

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