The country has decided that its future is to be outside the European Union. In the run-up to the EU referendum vote on Thursday 23 June, the promise of new opportunities, tackling the housing crisis, creating greater international trade and making sure the country has the right skills weighed heavily on voters.

The majority of companies operating in the finishes and interiors sector work predominantly in the UK so there is not expected to be much change in the near term. In advance of the referendum vote, FIS was unable to establish a consensus position within its membership and therefore remained neutral, as did other key trade bodies within the construction industry.

FIS chief executive David Frise explained: “This has been a political issue and now we know which route we are to follow, we must refocus our strategy of being committed to developing skills in our sector, driving up standards and ensuring that members have a platform to create opportunities.

“Much debate took place about what continued access to the EU market would mean and the relevance of compliance with EU directives. British Standards are, of course, highly regarded, and FIS is active in updating relevant standards such as BS 5212 and protecting members’ interests.”