Two of the companies that form Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions, British Gypsum and Isover, have combined their technical know-how and industry knowledge to launch GypLyner Xternal, a ‘through-wall’ solution for non-loadbearing steel framed infill systems (SFS).

The system incorporates key products and technical expertise from both brands to provide through-wall performance and internal protection for new mid-rise and high-rise construction projects.

British Gypsum and Isover have worked in collaboration with Hadley Group, establishing a range of tested specifications of the GypLyner Xternal system using Hadley Group framing components, which offer 60, 90 and 120-minute fire resistance in both ‘outside to in’ and ‘inside to out’ directions, as well as a range of thermal and acoustic performances.

These tested specifications are accompanied by guidance and advice on specific issues including junctions, abutments and deflection heads, in keeping with the approach to other products and systems within the Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions portfolio.

In addition to GypLyner Xternal, the products can work within other defined external wall systems and those wishing to know more are advised to contact the British Gypsum technical support team.

Addressing the importance of test standards for construction and installation detailing in the industry, key details such as the deflection head detail below steel beams have also been supported with specially developed fire tests to provide evidence of performance.

Details of all specifications can be found in the British Gypsum White Book Specification Selector, which also includes guidance on key topics related to steel framed systems such as airtightness, moisture management, thermal design and fire protection of structured steel.

If GypLyner Xternal is specified, installed and finished in line with the recommendations provided in the latest White Book or written guidance from Saint Gobain Interior Solutions’ technical support teams, and it uses genuine British Gypsum and Isover components, then it will qualify for a SpecSure® warranty. This guarantees that the system will perform as specified for the lifetime of the building and, in the unlikely event of a performance failure because of a defective product, those components will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

Richard Haworth, Head of Sector Development (Commercial) at Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions, said:

‘We’re pleased to have launched our first combined external wall system, GypLyner Xternal, which builds upon and extends our trusted solutions approach into new building elements. It also highlights the capabilities of key products, including BBA-certified Glasroc® X Sheathing Board and Isover Polterm Max Plus. 

‘With GypLyner Xternal, we can support specifiers, contractors, developers and other construction professionals in their efforts to deliver safe, energy efficient and cost-effective multi-storey buildings at pace, and we’re thrilled to be bringing this to the market for our customers.’

To discover more about the product and use the specification selector to support your project requirements, visit