Since the start of the 2012/2013 academic year, the staff and pupils of St Catherine’s primary school, Kidderminster, have experienced an improvement in school life thanks, in part, to the British Gypsum Gyptone Quattro ceiling products installed throughout the building.

Subcontractor Roskels was the specialist installation contractor on the £5 million new school project. British Gypsum Gyptone Quattro 41 – a ceiling board – was used in the classroom to meet the requirements of BB93 and create the desired seamless, monolithic appearance, along with a Gyptone access panel to make technical installations easy to reach. Gyptone Quattro 50 and Gyptone Quattro 20 tiles were also used elsewhere in the school.

All Gyptone tiles and boards have an eyecatching design coupled with an integral sound absorbent tissue backing, making them a popular choice for acoustic ceilings in schools, office spaces and retail environments. Taking this one step further, British Gypsum has launched a new technology that has been added to a range of its ceiling tiles and boards. ACTIVair technology captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs), converts them into nonharmful inert compounds and eliminates the risk of re-emission. The technology works for up to 50 years, providing long lasting improvements to air quality for building occupants.

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