Independent qualification guarantees high-quality technical advice

Members of British Gypsum’s Technical Support team have successfully completed a leading industry qualification on designing buildings to minimise the risk of fire.

The 14-strong team has achieved the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) Certificate in Passive Fire Protection, a universally respected, industry-standard course aimed at professional fire engineers and those who carry out fire assessments on buildings.

The group are believed to be among the first employees from a construction product manufacturer to complete the course, reflecting British Gypsum’s commitment to ensuring the highest levels of knowledge and expertise among its staff.

Training for the IFE Certificate was delivered by the Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) and included content around general fire protection as well as plasterboard systems. Completion of the training means that the British Gypsum team is equipped with specialist knowledge and is better placed to advise its customers.

David Robinson, Head of Technical Support at British Gypsum explained: “It is vital that anyone involved in a construction project is totally clear when it comes to the required performance of systems and products.

“As a business, it is important to us that our team is highly trained and qualified to give advice relating to safety-critical design. The IFE Certificate in Passive Fire Protection is a great way for them to demonstrate the level of knowledge and expertise they have developed around fire protection and general fire design, and it gives our customers confidence that they can continue to trust our guidance.

“This training not only ensures that our team is competent to an independently recognised standard, but also gives them confidence in their own abilities. It is a further example of how British Gypsum continues to push the boundaries in terms of technical advice.”

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