British Gypsum has incorporated its ACTIVair technology, designed to improve indoor air quality, into three further product lines. It is now available as an optional extra across the Gyproc DuraLine, Gyproc SoundBloc and Rigidur H plasterboard ranges.

ACTIVair is a mineral additive that absorbs and converts volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and prevents their re-emission back into the atmosphere. The technology, which British Gypsum says has been proven to reduce VOC concentration levels by 70 per cent, works for up to 50 years providing long lasting improvements to air quality for building occupants.

It is effective through a paint finish and does not affect the fire or acoustic qualities of a product, making it ideal for buildings such as schools and hospitals that have certain regulatory requirements to meet and are regularly used by vulnerable groups. ACTIVair solutions are also useful for spaces like commercial offices and hotels which are occupied for prolonged periods of time.

For more information, visit or contact the Technical Advice Centre on 0844 800 1991.