NBS and British Gypsum (Saint-Gobain) set to build better with improved safety data.

NBS, a specification platform for the construction industry, has announced that UK manufacturers of interior lining solutions, British Gypsum, has joined NBS Source.

The collaboration is set to enhance NBS’ specification offering, bringing a range of industry-leading products to the fingertips of architects and designers working on new build construction projects.

It follows close work between the two trusted brands to improve the way information is delivered to end-users, ensuring that specifiers can be confident in the integrity of crucial product data.

All British Gypsum systems have been tested according to strict quality and safety criteria, providing specifiers with the reassurance that they are getting the best, improving decision-making on safety-critical projects.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sophie Palamianaki, Framework Technical Director, Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions, of which British Gypsum is part, said “With increased pressure on the industry to ensure it improves its track record on safety, it’s never been more vital for us to play our part in raising standards across the industry and facilitate better building outcomes.

“Collaborating with NBS, we worked to match up data sources, providing a single source of truth for specifiers and building designers, making it easier for them to make informed safety decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

“The ability to provide architects with readily available, fully-substantiated systems that have already undergone rigorous testing, is an important step for the industry. Our system and specification approach reduces the risk of manual interference, ensuring that technical information can be tracked throughout the entire project lifecycle.”

Dr Stephen Hamil, Innovation Director, NBS, said “At NBS we’ve been gradually improving the way we structure technical information from manufacturers and offering greater functionality to specifiers in terms of how they use this information. We now have an excellent library of content from the leading manufacturers and having a company such as British Gypsum on board is fantastic news for UK specifiers. British Gypsum has a reputation for quality systems and products, as well as quality technical support. With the industry now demanding quality technical information to build and maintain ‘golden threads’ of design decisions, for structural and fire safety, the timing of British Gypsum joining NBS could not be better.”

Richard Haworth, Head of Sector Development, Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions, said “British Gypsum is known for creating high-quality products that are designed to last the full lifetime of a building. With similar commitments to leading the industry toward safer, more sustainable building, NBS was an ideal partner to help us better reach our specifier customer base.”

NBS has two flagship tools: the first, NBS Source, provides built environment professionals with an extensive product database. Through a powerful and intuitive search tool, specifiers can find the products and manufacturers best suited to their project requirements. The other, NBS Chorus, actively supports specifiers and architects, enabling them to create technical specifications efficiently whilst linking to the latest guidance and building regulations. The two platforms are fully integrated, allowing specifiers to access the full suite of product and performance data, creating a more connected construction industry.

Both digital platforms present information in a detailed and structured format, shaping performance criteria and certification as well as improving efficiencies. All this equates to a more vibrant and connected sector.

2023 sees NBS celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first specification publication, commemorating half a century of delivering connected construction information. To find out more about its services and expertise, click here.