The Building Products & Services sector’s resilience was amply demonstrated in 2021 as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions increased by 69%, surpassing pre-pandemic levels to reach an all-time high.   

Featuring valuable input from industry leaders and the Construction Products Association, our latest insights publication looks at the key themes that are shaping the Building Products & Services sector and what they mean for M&A globally and in the UK.

Despite increasing headwinds, the sector has yet again proved highly resilient and a hotbed for investment, by both private equity and corporate acquirers.

What are the key themes shaping the Building Products & Services sector?

In this year’s publication we take an in-depth look at ESG and how an acceleration in sustainability awareness is driving deep change in the sector. We also consider a range of other innovation-led topics, including how companies are adapting to price inflation and opportunities for businesses in the sector to access R&D innovation tax relief.

Further evidence of innovation abounds, including how the sector is embracing online channels to market, progressing modular construction and applying new technologies. In the UK businesses are adapting to post-Grenfell regulations and the introduction of the UKCA mark, while aligning with booming sectors of the market, including RM&I and infrastructure.

The industry has been able to overcome challenges from Brexit and COVID-19 in the last two years, but the current crisis in Ukraine, coming on top of already strained supply chains, heightened inflation risks and longstanding skills shortages, is placing pressure on the sector. The CPA has accordingly downgraded forecasts for construction output to 2.2% growth this year.

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