Businesses interested in tendering for places on a new £1.5bn framework to deliver the programme of on-going repairs and improvements to the Houses of Parliament and wider estate in London can register an interest here.

The new Parliamentary Construction Partnership Framework will replace the existing MEPFS (Mechanical, Electrical, Public health, and Fabric Safety) Framework, which expires on 15 March 2025.

Works under the new framework will cover the medium-term investment into the early 2030s, rather than the full Restoration and Renewal plan for Parliament.

The £1.5b framework has been broken into four lots covering M&E, building and fit-out works.

Parliamentary Construction Partnership (CPF) Framework

  • Lot 1 – High value construction works of mixed discipline  (Projects worth £30m, and over)
  • Lot 2 – Medium value construction works, consisting predominantly of mechanical & electrical (public health, and fire) projects, (Over £3m, but under £30m)
  • Lot 3 – Medium value construction works, consisting predominantly of Architectural, Heritage, Roofing, and Conservational projects (Up to £30m)
  • Lot 4 – Low / minor value construction works of mixed discipline (Up to £3m)

Tens of thousands of hours of Palace building investigations are being carried out by the delivery authority to build on existing records and better understand the Palace’s condition.

Last year, specialists spent 4,850 hours examining 160 rooms and drilling boreholes up to 70m deep to assess ground conditions around the Palace of Westminster.

Dozens of major projects are underway to repair and restore key buildings by in-house teams including strategic estates, digital, and maintenance. Projects include Victoria Tower and Norman Shaw North.