The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) has been trying to bring in a harmonised standard that allows doorsets to be sold with a fire safety CE mark since 2013.

From November 2016, doorsets can be sold with a CE marking, but that process is not totally complete.

The fire safety standard EN 16034 can only be used with external pedestrian doors (EN 14351-1), internal pedestrian doors (prEN 14351-2), industrial, garage and commercial doors (EN 13241) and power-operated pedestrian doors (EN 16361).

However, most fire-rated doors are internal pedestrian doors and the CEN certification process for prEN 14351-2 is unlikely to be  completed until June 2017.

Also, while power-operated pedestrian doors have been ratified, the standard will not be published until early next year.

The result: most fire-rated doors cannot yet be CE marked. The wait goes on…