Insulation specialist Celotex has launched a new premium performance solution for full fill cavity wall applications.

The latest addition to the company’s ‘5000’ series product range, Celotex CF5000 helps to deliver a U-value within the wall of 0.18 W/m²K without the need to widen the cavity.

Cavity wall construction remains the UK’s most common build method, with 70% of 27.4 million homes built with cavity walls. When specifying high performance insulation for cavity wall projects today, building professionals must strike a balance between performance, cost and compliance whilst meeting the requirements of Building Regulations.

Celotex CF5000 is a premium performance full fill cavity wall solution and is BBA certified. Making use of the whole cavity width, CF5000 optimises the thermal performance through the wall and such, achieves lower U-values without the requirement to widen the cavity, improving plot efficiency.

Mechanically engineered with a rebated edge to eliminate the passage of moisture, Celotex CF5000 features a super low lambda value of 0.021W/mK. This helps the project to achieve compliance with UK Building Regulations and a U-value within the wall of 0.18 W/m²K.

Paul Evans, Head of Marketing at Celotex said:“Celotex CF5000 further enhances our range of solutions for cavity wall applications and achieves Building Regulation targets with thinner solutions than many other insulation materials.”

Comprising a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core adhesively bonded to aluminium foil facings on both sides, CF5000 is designed with the installer in mind. Easy to cut and available in 1200x450mm dimensions, it fits with standard cavity wall tie spacing.