The modern office is an ever-evolving environment and people are now using their workspaces in more creative ways than ever before. Gone are the days of the traditional cellular layouts, offices are now flexible, contemporary hubs designed to inspire and excite employees. With this in mind, Optima have developed the Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR), a collection of freestanding meeting rooms, offering a smart way to maximise the potential of any office.

Fostering collaboration in the office

Constantly innovating, Optima’s experienced product design team created a range of adaptable meeting rooms that promote collaborating, socialising or private working. Collaboration has always played an important role in any office but as people begin to return to work, the need for collaboration is bigger than ever. Whether its collaborating with colleagues in the office or over a virtual meeting the AMR provides a hub where people can meet and share ideas. Whilst a private a meeting can take place inside the AMR, colleagues can meet informally and chat, utilising the unique outside space created by the AMR.

As more and more people return to the office it is important that we do so in way that is safe and comfortable for everyone. The AMR not only encourages teamwork, but it offers a space where employees can collaborate safely again.

Turning office design on its head

As employee working habits continue to change, their working environments need to be able to change with them. The AMR offers a dynamic solution that can transform your office space to accommodate all modern working styles. A distinctive design feature of the AMR is its “twist and lock” system which enables you to build unique and imaginative communities of adaptable meeting rooms. Whether you are joining them wall to wall or corner to corner the AMR offers endless design opportunities. Not only does the AMR build new and creative zones to work in, but the spaces in-between form agile areas that utilise any unused office space. Replace those cluttered corners of the office, crammed full of broken keyboards and supplies and unleash the full potential of your office.

Optima’s Adaptable Meeting Rooms are fully demountable, making it quick and easy to alter the layout of your office. The demountable workspace can adapt to any space, easily set up, taken down or relocated to suit the changing needs of your office.

Interactive age of the office

As technology continues to grow and develop in both our personal and working lives, interactive offices have become more popular. The AMR offers the latest in smart office technology, giving users more control over their working environments. Smart features include state-of-the-art room booking software that enables users to search for available rooms and invite colleagues from their smart devices. Proximity sensors turn on lighting and power up the AV system ready for when you enter the AMR. This system can also switch them off when the space is no longer in use, maximising energy efficiency. Furthermore, not only do these innovative meeting rooms facilitate greater productivity with its leading technology, but it also offers a cost effective and energy efficient solution for businesses.

The adaptable meeting rooms are also plug and play so they can easily and quickly be integrated into your office and sync up to any existing building management systems. This feature allows you to transform the design of your office without making any expensive structural changes to the building itself.

Cleaner air for a healthier working environment

Not only can poor air flow in the office have significant implications on productivity but it can also have a serious impact on employee health. Where most ventilation systems simply redistribute the same air around the room, Optima’s newly developed twin fan system recycles the air. The AMR’s revolutionary ventilation system supplies clean air at rate of up to 48 litres per second, ensuring that CO2 levels remain at a safe and optimal level within the AMR. By providing a continuous circulation of clean air, the AMR allows people to work more effectively for long periods of time.

Furthermore, the ventilation systems within these adaptable meeting rooms have HEPA filters installed, enhancing the air quality of the office. The laboratory grade air filtration quickly and effectively filters out 99.95% of airborne contaminants, creating a healthy and comfortable working environment. Incorporating HEPA filters within the AMR ensures the adaptable spaces offer the best possible air quality for its occupants.

Impressive acoustic performance

As offices have become more open plan and flexible spaces, they have as a result become busier and noisier. The AMR provides high quality acoustic performance, ensuring a more comfortable and effective environment for people to work in. The adaptable meeting rooms are based on Optima’s high acoustic performing Revolution 100 partitions, providing an impressive acoustic rating of up to 41dB (with their double glazed walls). Whether you are looking to block out the noise of a busy office or need a quiet space for employees to meet privately, the AMR offers exceptional acoustic performance for a more peaceful and productive workplace.

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