Construction projects are highly complex, involving many factors and moving parts and usually a lengthy supply chain. It is essential that supply chain business (specialist contractors and suppliers) can demonstrate that they are “a safe pair of hands to work with”, particularly in relation to the overall competence of the organization and indeed the people who carry out the key functions. Good management systems are a key factor to success. Did you know that “competence’, at both an organisational and individual level is a fundamental ISO concept and that “demonstrating compliance“ (to legal/statutory, technical and other applicable requirements) is too? ISO standards bring many other benefits to construction companies and provide market access to new markets and customers.

The construction industry covers an array of supporting trades and businesses but there are common risks which can be mitigated. ISO standards can cover quality of inputs and raw materials, preparation of the workforce, and the levels of safety or efficiency in production processes, but also other areas of the current social environment, as efficient use of natural resources, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency.

The webinar will take place on 21 March at 13:15. It is aimed at all levels of knowledge; whether you are just starting out on your certification journey or hold one ISO and are considering others. Click here to secure your place.

FIS CEO Iain McIlwee will be speaking at the webinar on the case for Competence and Compliance.