A new construction app trialled by ISG on 5 Broadgate has removed £1 million of non-productive time and lead to administrative savings of 1.5 hours per employee per day. 

The new Construct app, trialled on the 700,000 sq ft fit-out project, produced a daily administration saving of one and a half hours per employee on average, equating to £1 million of non-productive time.

This is the first time the app has ever been piloted on an entire project, with the only other global trial currently in progress on Crossrail. ISG has been instrumental in the development of the technology alongside the Tech City developer, Construct Technologies.

Matt Blowers, managing director of ISG’s UK fit-out business, said: “The built environment sector has been languishing behind many other industries when it comes to improvements in productivity, which has risen just 1.4 percent in the past 20 years. This trend cannot continue into the future and we’re absolutely committed as a business to explore every new technology and working methodology that can help us raise our game and that of the industry as a whole.

“We took an ambitious approach when we trialled the Construct app on one of the UK’s largest ever fit out projects at 5 Broadgate – but the results clearly demonstrate the wider capacity for this technology to ratchet up productivity and save the industry hundreds of millions of pounds.”

Anthony Erwin, Founder of Construct Technologies, said: “This technology has the ability to change the future of construction as we know it. We have taken the BIM revolution to another level and created a one-stop-shop app for an entire complex project. The ISG trial has been vital in the evolution of the app and the results have exceeded all of our expectations. We’re now in a position to roll out this technology to the wider industry in 2017.”

ISG has delivered 700,000 sq ft of high-specification commercial office accommodation for 5 Broadgate using the Construct app. The 12-storey building houses three trading floors, enabling 5 Broadgate to house trading operations, an auditorium, large executive area and a range of open plan and cellular office space within one building.

construct_app-1Construct is an end-to-end fully customisable information and process management system for on-site construction work. The app, which works even when a user is offline, allows sites to be completely paperless, which will result in dramatically reduced costs, administration and inefficiencies. The app is the first all-encompassing system that brings together every aspect of a contractor’s information and workflow processes within a mobile platform, meaning the administrative burden is significantly reduced and greater resource can be focused on project delivery.

Construct tailors itself to the way teams already work, thereby reducing the need to learn new processes and systems. The app makes all forms, processes, tasks, snags, drawings, files and programme details available instantly on a user’s mobile device or tablet and therefore ensures that they always have the latest information at all times.