Covid-19 has been a huge disruptor in the construction industry and real estate market.

The Coworking sector has transformed the real estate market and brought new challenges to the way we design, operate and maintain buildings. This has been, and will be going forwards, affected by the impact of this virus.  It is unlikely that the world pre-2020 will ever be the same again.  So we need to adapt accordingly and keep moving forward and prepare for the eventual return to our regular places of work.

With this in mind, Cundall is running a webinar on Wednesday 29 April to talk about its experiences and thoughts on coworking.  This is based on, and follows on from, a successful series of seminars they held last year on coworking; it has been adapted to tackle the latest challenges brought about by Covid-19, looking at how the sector can survive and even thrive in the new world of anti-viral design and social distancing.  We are running this webinar at 07:00 and 09:30 UK time so those in other time zones can participate.

If you’d like to join us for the webinar then I’d be delighted to see you there.  You will need to register to get the Zoom log-in.  The 07:00 BST registration is here.  09:30 BST is here.

The webinar will be run over Zoom, which you can join either via the Zoom app or website.