Did you know all CSCS cards are smart?

They contain a chip which stores information on the cardholder’s identity, qualifications and training.  Site managers can read this information using a smartphone, tablet or PC with the GoSmart app installed, allowing them to instantly record the cardholder’s information, and be secure in the knowledge that the cardholder is qualified for the job they do on site.

With the introduction and promotion of smart technology remaining a key priority for the finishes and interiors sector, virtual CSCS cards developed by Reference Point for the CSCS GoSmart platform are steadily becoming the norm.

NFDC was the first organisation to offer the Virtual Smart Cards to its members, the first card was issued on Tuesday 18 July 2017, and was downloaded and scanned within minutes, and ready to use on site immediately.  At the time Howard Button, Chief Executive at the NFDC and NDTG said “We are really pleased to be the first scheme in construction to issue the new Virtual CCDO Smart Cards to our members.  We have a very successful working relationship with Reference Point and were really keen to be the first to offer the virtual CCDO cards as it offers immediate benefits to both workers and supervisors.  Both parties have instant access to updated records and qualifications, reducing the need to carry a physical card on site and the possibility of fraud.”

Probably best known in construction for the development of the technology behind the CSCS Smart Card and Go Smart card reader apps, Reference Point extended the platform to include Virtual Smartcards a digital card that is stored in an e-wallet called Vircarda on Smartphones, removing the need to carry physical cards.

Beric Davis, CEO at Reference Point in 2017 said “Vircarda is a creative and innovative solution that uses clever new technology to provide faster, more flexible skill card solutions to the construction industry.  It’s important to us that we continue to deliver high quality, robust solutions that our clients want and need.”

The new Virtual Smartcard solution can be used across many sectors and Reference Point has worked with the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) to develop a Virtual SmartCard for the construction sector.  The technology will improve safety and efficiency on construction sites by making it easier for the employer to check that workers hold the appropriate qualifications and training for the job they do on site.  The technology is something that all card schemes, including CSCS, will be taking a great interest in.