From this month the CSCS Green Construction Site Operative (CSO) card will no longer be issued. Existing Green Cards will be valid until their expiry date but a new CSCS Green Labourers card will be introduced which will only be available to operatives working in labouring occupations.

The aim of the change is to ensure that all CSCS cardholders hold the appropriate card for their occupation and qualification level and don’t just apply for the green card as the easiest route to gain access to site.

Genuine labourers can apply for the new Green Labourers Card when their existing Green CSO card expires by ensuring that they pass the appropriate CITB health, safety and environment test. When selecting the CITB health, safety and environment test for labourers to take, it should be relevant to the sector they work in as they may wish to progress from a Green Labourer card to a Blue Skilled Worker card and will need to have passed the appropriate test to do so.

Workers holding Green CSO cards who are not labourers will no longer be eligible for the Green Labourers card and employers should use the CSCS Cardfinder to find out which is the right card and test for each operative.