FIS member Drywall Contracts Ltd (DCL) has taken part in the DIY SOS Big Build in Corby, to help support a family and their teenage son, Jordan Hutchison, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The show, which was aired on BBC One on 17 May 2022, shared the story of 16-year-old Jordan, who currently lives with his parents, Jackie and Colin, and his siblings at his grandmother’s house. He sleeps on an air bed, while the parents share rooms with the younger children. The family home is a shell after a series of building issues meant the family ran out of money with no way of finishing the work.

Their current living situation and the financial stress of the unfinished build is taking its toll on the whole family. Jordan is a growing lad with a very strong mind, and he just wants his independence, like any other young man his age, but he doesn’t have the space or facilities in which to develop. The house needs extensive work before the family can move in. Hundreds of tradespeople, including Drywall Contracts, and volunteers from Corby and across the UK came together to help the DIY SOS team and designer Gabrielle Omar create a house that will finally be a home.

Drywall Contracts took 43 operatives to completely board and skim 95% of the house – which was completed within just 8 hours.

This isn’t the first time that Drywall Contracts has been keen to support those that need help. They have helped on two other DIY SOS’s (one which aired on 10 May, and another which is being shown on 7 June).

Jon Jacznik, Managing Director of Drywall Contracts said: “Getting involved on a DIYSOS to the level we did on Corby means the company is emotionally involved. During the build you experience construction in a way, and with a level of enjoyment, that you don’t see on-site. When you carry out the work, you haven’t met the family and therefore cannot fully understand how your input would positively impact Jordan. So, watching the show air on TV brings the whole situation together. I was very proud of what DCL helped provide and hope it helps give Jordan the independence that he has craved his whole life.

“I would also like to thank two other FIS members, Rite-Fix and Encon, for supporting us with everything we needed on this project.

“As Nick would say, “they can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”  It’s a very rewarding experience that I believe more FIS members should look to do in future shows.”