DORMA’S Varitrans glass moveable walls, distributed in the UK by Style, provide clear and open access for retail premises, allowing staff to maximise the store’s visual potential and encourage customers in.

Traditional shop fronts tend to be fixed glass or roller shutter door units. But DORMA’S Varitrans glass partitioning wall systems can be either manual or fully automatic, giving shop staff the flexibility to quickly adapt the space to meet changing requirements throughout the day. Staff can also change the size and position of a store’s entrance and exit points, widening or reducing them as necessary to accommodate changes in footfall. The glass partitioning wall can even be removed entirely, with the individual panels being stacked neatly to one side.

The Varitrans system is available with the fully automatic DORMA ComfortDrive solution meaning the panels can be moved into place at the press of a button. Single and double pass doors can be incorporated to allow pedestrian access routes, and the system features unlocking protection to prevent unauthorised opening.