New to the market, Style is now able to offer a unique telescopic end-panel, available with the advanced Dorma Hüppe Variflex partitioning wall system. The TEF closure panel greatly improves the aesthetics of the moveable wall as, once in position, it sits completely flush against adjacent panels.  In addition, the TEF panel ensures an optimum acoustic seal is created every time.

Julian Sargent, group managing director of Style, the UK’s exclusive UK partner to Dorma Hüppe, explains, “This new development is something architects, specifiers, contractors and end-users have all been asking us for, as it removes any protrusion from the wall, or bulky and unsightly expanding end-sleeves.

“The TEF panel delivers exceptional benefits in terms of aesthetics and space flexibility that will be particularly important in areas such as boardrooms, commercial office space and conference facilities.”

Offering flexible options, the end-panel is available with both semi-automatic and manually operated Variflex sliding moveable wall systems.  As the elements are manoeuvred into place, the telescopic panel is automatically activated with the press of a button, or in the case of manual systems, with a turn of the seal-expansion handle, creating a firm acoustic barrier with a superior flush finish.  This highly efficient automatic solution removes the fiddly task of trying to move an additional hinged panel into position manually.

A demonstration video is available at

Style recently installed a moveable wall with the telescopic end panel at the Berkeley Hotel.

“It may look simple,” said Julian, “but this is a really ingenious feature that makes a lot of difference to the final aesthetics of a moveable wall – which is why a top end hotel like The Berkeley in London chose it.”

For more information on Style’s range of moveable and folding wall solutions, as well as its telescopic end panel, please contact your nearest regional Style office.