Saving time on site is always a bonus. Not only can you get away to do something more exciting sooner, you can be more efficient with your time and deliver greater value to your customers.

When it comes to drylining, providing a level surface to decorate onto is key. But, of equal importance is the structural integrity of the partition wall. Making the walls robust enough to allow for the secure anchorage for heavy fixtures and fittings is often the time-consuming part.

If your plasterboard partition makes use of metal stud, then providing a patrice to hold radiators, shelves, handrails or other fixtures doesn’t have to be as tedious a task as it might first appear.

You can give heavy-weight bearing powers to your partition walls in super-fast speed with our clever oriented strand board (OSB) solution – SMARTPLY DRYBACKER. Manufactured to accommodate ‘C’ shaped stud frames, the patrice panels can fit easily in place without the need to cut them down to size, eliminating not only time but also health and safety issues relating to dust, noise, and the operation of power tools.

As an OSB panel, DRYBACKER provides reliable core strength for fixings on all points without the risk of structural weaknesses from knots or voids, as might be the case with plywood.

SmartPly OSB3 Drybacker
Temple Street Children’s Hospital
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Dryliners can slot in the ready prepared modular panels in to their drylined walls with ease and speed, while at the same time being assured that they’ve selected a product which meets the highest of environmental standards.

Not only is DRYBACKER manufactured from FSC certified timber, but it also is produced with zero added formaldehyde – making it ideal for public buildings or facilities which are trying to meet sustainability standards.

Check out some of the case studies using DRYBACKER to learn more about how it could benefit you, like it’s use for commercial and residential units in Surrey Quays, or the new Technology and Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde