Acoustic ceiling manufacturer Ecophon has revised its Focus ceiling range with the introduction of Focus Ez along with a greater choice of colours and improvements to installation and transition details.

Ecophon recognises the way in which the senses of sight and hearing are inextricably linked in creating people’s perception of their surroundings, and therefore the necessity of considering both together when designing interiors. As Ecophon’s most comprehensive product family, Focus was created with people and their activities in mind, offering excellent acoustic properties and appealing looks to give the opportunity for visual flair and flexibility so almost any project need can be met.

Before the solution can be implemented, it is important to truly understand the acoustic challenge of the room itself. Ecophon calls this approach ‘activity based acoustic design’, a concept that considers three main influences: Activity, People and Space. The designer is invited to evaluate the noise, which could be generated by occupants from phone calls, meetings, lessons or perhaps a performance, as well as the personality, age range and other attributes of the occupants. These factors must then be considered alongside the size, location and materials forming the space.

Analysis completed, the appropriate acoustic treatment is utilised to control the reflection, propagation and reverberation of sound within the space, helping to create acoustic comfort as well as visual interest.

The revised Focus family of products encompasses an expanded range of 16 Akutex colours, inspired by the tones found in nature. There are 11 standard sizes, 10 edge details and six innovative design solutions addressing locations such as level changes and wall transitions.

New to the family is Ecophon Focus Ez: an asymmetric tegular tile which can be installed in different orientations to create angles and forms across the ceiling. Ez also integrates easily with any of the three different lighting solutions available to enhance a ceiling installation.