When it comes to thermal insulation, getting U-values right can be a tricky business, especially if you are looking at different construction build ups.  As part of its ongoing drive for fuss-free specification, EcoTherm has produced a free, simple to use online U-value calculator, which provides an instant, straightforward guide to the thickness of its products needed to meet U-value requirements for roofs and walls.

Ecotherm U-value calculator

Part of the EcoTherm Toolbox, the U-value calculator has a unique ‘tweak tool’, so that it is easy to alter each element to achieve the perfect solution.  The tool automatically calculates the right thickness of EcoTherm insulation to reach the desired thermal performance.  An interactive product selector is also available to quickly identify which EcoTherm product is right for the job.  Register online at http://www.u-value-calculator.co.uk/ for free use of all EcoTherm Toolbox tools.

The calculations produced by the online calculator allow specifiers to clearly see the impact of changing individual elements; whilst simple to follow instructions lead to the desired U-value, and provide a guideline to which solutions will be best.  These indicative calculations can then be submitted to EcoTherm’s Technical Team for a certified calculation that can be presented to Building Control.