Specialist building materials distributor the Encon Group is launching an exclusive feedback scheme for customers atĀ its Encon Insulation and Nevill Long branches.

Encon Nevill Long survey low resThe Happy Or Not initiative had been trialled at five of its branches since the New Year and has proved so successful it will be extended to all 20 branches from May, with an exclusivity agreement making them the first in the industry to introduce this novel approach.

The simple but state-of-the-art scheme revolves around a 3G wireless device located at their trade counters which asks customers to rate the branch’s customer service and enables them to quickly feedback their experience by hitting one of four smiley-face buttons coloured from green to red.

Designed to make customer satisfaction an easy KPI, monitoring software within the device sends reports and results to branch managers and group management via email and web portal, enabling them to chart overall satisfaction levels and trends over time. This enables them to focus on where they are delivering great customer service and where it can be improved.

This level of best practice analysis enabled one of the trial branches to identify changes needed to shift patterns in the warehouse. The HappyOrNot monitoring had showed an increase in dissatisfaction around the time of the shift change but once this had been rectified, the ratings improved.

Nick Lankester, commercial development manager for the Encon Group, said: “People rarely stop to fill out forms so the idea of just pressing a button appeals. This is a really positive step forward in showing our trade counter customers our appetite to be their distributor of choice and how much we value their feedback.”