With such a dedicated sales and client services team at EPD Insulation Group and with such strong client bonds, the company has never truly needed a digital platform.

The whole ethos of the business has always been about ‘People buy from people’ and they have gone over and above with customer relations, building trust through integrity and service.

These strong bonds are the backbone of the business but EPD want to expand those ethics to new markets and also to show the extensively wide variety of products now available.

The new website, www.epdinsulationgroup.co.uk  will give the opportunity to browse the complete range of building materials stocked which includes everything from PIR Insulation, Plasterboard and Plywood to Screed, Metal Studs and Fixings. Both existing and new clients will benefit from more in-depth product information at their fingertips before calling or contacting our sales team for orders and delivery times.

On the launch of the new platform Tony Brown, EPD Commercial Director, said “We have always had strong relationships with our clients but now they have even more information at their fingertips. Added to this is the open communication we want to impart on new clients. This new website saves them, and us, time and time can be critical in this industry.”

The website not only gives full specs on each product but also helps with peripheral category information as well as showcasing our new corporate videos.