Euroform Products has added an A1 non-combustible option to its range of direct render base boards. ‘Rendaboard A1’ is rated A1 non-combustible to European Standards in accordance with a BS EN ISO 1716 and 1182 and also non-combustible in accordance with British Standards BS 476 Part 4. It is ideal for use in high-rise applications where non-combustible materials may be required.

Euroform Rendaboard Offices

Rendaboard A1 retains all the characteristics of the original Rendaboard. As well as being resistant to fire, it is also impact-, rot- and vermin-resistant. It’s non-toxic under fire and claims impressive dimensional stability and acoustic performance.

Rendaboard can be used with timber frame and lightweight steel frame structures and is suitable for both new build and renovation projects. Rendaboard has also been successfully tested (with selected finishes) for wind loading, soft and hard body impact and bond strength, incorporating hygrothermal freeze/thaw conditions.