Fein has added two new premium class dust extractors, including M Class, to its range.

The two new premium class, wet and dry extractors are powerful and equipped with automatic filter cleaning. The Dustex 35 MX AC is an M Class approved extractor (WEL > 0.1 mg/m 3) whilst the Fein Dustex 35 LX AC is rated for L-classification extraction (WEL > 1.0 mg/m 3).

The launch is also the first time Fein has equipped its extractors with a fully automatic filter cleaning system. The innovative new AutoClean technology reverses the airflow every 15 seconds, blowing away any fine dust that may have settled in the filter back into the secondary diposable bag.

As well as being economical the premium class extractors guarantee above-average suction power with a 1380W turbine, a volumetric flow of 4,320 litres a minute and a 254-millibar vacuum.