UK ceilings manufacturer Zentia launches a three-step online acoustic calculator.

An online acoustic calculator that helps architects and other specifiers check ceiling product performance against acoustic standards in just three simple steps has been launched by ceilings manufacturer Zentia.

While the focus of the new acoustic calculator is education, due to its particularly stringent acoustic requirements, future developments of the calculator will expand on this strong baseline.

In the first of the three steps, the new acoustic calculator automatically finds the target reverberation time of the chosen room type, so users do not even need prior knowledge of the building standard.

Step Two adds the room dimensions and apertures, and the wall, floor and ceiling construction materials, before the user selects a ceiling tile, canopy or baffle to benchmark against their chosen building standard.

The third and final step allows the users to review the information they have submitted before the result report shows if their chosen ceiling product meets their target reverberation time. The report can be downloaded or emailed directly to a colleague.

Zentia’s new acoustic calculator also allows the user to view technical details and sustainability information, order a sample, contact Zentia’s specification team for a consultation, and to add their chosen product to an NBS specification.

Carl Davison, Zentia’s commercial technical manager, said: “Our new acoustic calculator has been designed to be more inclusive and user friendly, as anyone can use it with minimal prior knowledge.”

Zentia specification manager Michael Anderson added: “An acoustic calculator of this capability has long been on the wish list of our specifier customers and we are delighted to have gone above and beyond to deliver for them.”

The launch of the acoustic calculator comes hard on the heels of another innovative Zentia design tool – Sonify 3D Studio, an online parametric configurator that allows each design of discontinuous ceiling to be visualised and exported as a Revit file to support digital workflows.