With over 90 different types of construction apprenticeships available, you can ensure that your workforce has the skills required for your organisation to thrive.

Every apprenticeship outlines a set of skills, knowledge and behaviours which the apprentice must learn and be assessed against to complete their apprenticeship.

These are designed by employer-led groups and experts from across the sector, known as trailblazers. This ensures that the apprentice is learning real-world skills and behaviours for a particular occupation.

As an apprentice employer, you get to decide which apprenticeships are right for your business.

More and more apprenticeships are released each year, which means that no matter how niche your business may be, you can ensure that your workforce has the right skills for your organisation to thrive.

Some examples of current construction apprenticeships include:
• construction support technician
• lightning protective operative
• chartered landscape professional
• stonemason
• plasterer
• smart home technician
• construction site management (degree)
• construction quantity surveyor (degree)
• interior systems installer
• chartered town planner
• senior and head of facilities management (integrated degree)
• geospatial survey technician
and many more, across a broad range of sectors, including management, accounting and digital marketing.

For more information about construction apprenticeships, visit https://tinyurl.com/4ar6cy2e