Firms are being called up for a £270m framework deal to maintain the Parliamentary Estate, including the Palace of Westminster.

The framework will cover three main lots: MEP works; specialist conservation from stone and plasterwork to glass, paint and finishes; and special emergency works worth up to £2m.

The multi-supplier framework agreement for the in-house strategic estates department will deliver a programme of works in advance of the full-blown restoration and renewal programme, which is currently under review but due to get underway in 2026.

It is hoped the patch and repair regime will prevent unplanned outages and address health and safety issues arising from both failing M7E systems and the erosion of building fabric.

The framework will be in place for four years with scope to extend for up to two extra years.

A Parliamentary spokesperson said: “The costs associated with this potential series of contracts remain largely in line with existing maintenance costs, although due to the age of the Palace and the scale of work involved, broadly show a year-on-year rise.

“The contracts are intended to cover work that is urgently required to ensure the continued operation of Parliament ahead of the major programme of restoration and renewal.

“It covers a range of vital mechanical, electrical and conservation works which will address issues arising from the long-term erosion of the fabric of the Palace of Westminster.”

Documents are available from Houses of Parliament’s e-procurement portal.