Kick-start a career and create a job for an apprentice

CoTrain not-for-profit shared apprenticeships scheme and FIS collaborate to encourage more members to participate in training the next generation of skilled professionals.

With skills shortages right now and not enough new entrants coming into the industry to meet future demand, the focus is on apprenticeships from 7 February, during National Apprenticeship Week 2022.

CoTrain, a new member of FIS and recently accepted on to the Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agencies register, works in partnership with CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) to address the skills shortages in our sector, to encourage more people to choose a career in construction and undertake a structured apprenticeship training programme.

We work with construction contractors to create life chances for local people, adding to the social and economic impact of local construction, by supporting our contractor partners in creating employment and apprenticeship training for people in the communities within which they are building.

What opportunities could you create for a trainee?

Many SMEs and labour only gangs are motivated to take apprentices and pass on their knowledge and skills, but often there is the perception that this cannot be done when contracts are not long enough to support a ‘traditional’ apprenticeship or where the workforce is more often self-employed.

‘Sharing’ an apprentice, where a ‘traditional’ apprenticeship cannot be supported

It is well known that a ‘traditional’ apprenticeship usually requires the individual to be in direct employment on PAYE payroll for the duration of the training, typically a minimum of two years.

Where your contracts are unable to cover the length of the apprenticeship programme, you can host a training placement for an agreed period of time, typically for the duration of a package or contract (min 3 months).

CoTrain helps contractors to overcome self-employed-only barriers

We manage the PAYE employment and college progress of the apprentice on your behalf, working on a cost recovery basis with contractors and invoicing monthly.  Our charge-out rate for contractors is fixed, making it easy to cost an apprentice into a job or project.

A flexible approach designed to support the industry

As we approach the planned contract-end date between you and your apprentice trainee, you can decide to retain them and onto the next job or returned to CoTrain and ‘shared’ with the next contractor, where they will continue with their site experience.

A CoTrain apprentice should see no difference in their training compared to a ‘traditional’ apprentice and will benefit from working with a wide range of skilled professionals.

CoTrain provides a free recruitment and training placement matching service for contractors to find your next apprentice.

Join our campaign over National Apprenticeship Week 2022 and kick start a career!

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Since 2014, CoTrain has created over 200 new apprenticeships in Construction with a success rate of 95%