As part of a wider commitment to Net Zero, trade body Finishes and Interiors Sector (FIS) has announced that it will become a Partner to the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) CO2nstructZero initiative.

CO2nstructZero builds upon the way that the industry united last year as a single force to tackle Covid-19, ensuring a consistent approach is taken by the whole sector while avoiding duplication of work.  The initiative focusses on three key areas Transport, Building Performance and Construction Activity and sets down 9 priorities for change focused on measurement, specification, procurement construction and waste management and cultural change.

A company who is supportive of CO2nstructZero and has committed to the following:

  • Signposting and support
    • Provide support/guidance to one or more of the 9 priorities which can be signposted from the CLC’s Construct Zero website
    • Report back to the CZ programme board on areas of missing advice and guidance which could be developed to support your members/network
  • Communications and engagement o Use the range of your comms channels to cascade out CZ news and industry progress
    • Host events for your members/network that focus on one or more of the 9 priorities, which support and are in collaboration with the CZ change programme
  • Performance metrics o Assist with the collection of data from the industry that will form part of the performance framework and quarterly reporting
    • Support members in selecting the appropriate metrics and commitments to sign up to
    • Monitoring organisations within your network who have signed up to ‘Race to Zero’, to encourage their continued commitment to reducing their emissions targets
  • Business Champions
    • Support members to become business champions working with them to develop their initial case study.
    • Finding an appropriate emerging leader to partner across your network with, if not able to find one internally
    • Feature your business champion and emerging leaders in your comms, forums and events to help share their learning across your network to their peers

Commenting on the partnership Iain McIlwee, FIS CEO stated:

“Like so much of the CLC work in the past 12 months, CO2nstructZero provides a framework that we can collaborate around, the three key focal points and 9 priorities make sense and it is up to us now as sectors to prioritise and structure our work so that we can feed into the bigger industry effort.  I am grateful for the work done by colleagues so far and we are looking forward to getting stuck in, with our own leadership group, and helping to deliver change”.

Speaking on behalf of CO2nstructZero and co-chair of the Construction Leadership Council, Andy Mitchell said:

“We have an open call for partners and are keen to see dynamic and progressive organisations like FIS to help co-ordinate efforts in their own community so that as a wider construction sector our efforts are joined up, and amplifying the broader work of the sector in this space. Collaboration is key to change and it is fantastic to have the support of FIS in this work”

You can visit the FIS Sustainability Hub here.