FIS is delighted to announce the appointment of Beena Nana as Head of Skills and Training.  In her first three months Beena will be concentrating on the FIS BuildBack programme which ends this year, before taking over from Skills and Training Lead George Swan who retires in March.

Beena has extensive experience in the skills and training arena.  She is particularly well versed in SME liaison and apprenticeship, having worked for the Department of Education for many years.

In her new role, Beena will continue to develop the company’s skills strategy including integrating the ground-breaking work FIS is doing on Competency Passports and Frameworks into FIS sector recruitment activity.

Working with industry stakeholders such as CITB and DWP, Beena will lead the company’s efforts to attract new entrants to the sector, qualify the workforce, develop competency plans and support members with their training needs.

Beena commented:

“I am truly excited with my appointment, working in an organisation where I have the opportunity to make a real difference to the sector. Having worked in a similar role, I’m looking forward to working with our members and on the exciting projects ahead of us.”

FIS CEO Iain McIlwee said:

“Beena brings a wealth of experience and some new ways of thinking to the FIS team.  Without doubt the shortages in our workforce and the new and more onerous requirements to demonstrate and manage competency are the biggest systemic challenge we face as a sector.  Whether you believe recruiting more people, working more productively or evolving to new ways of working are the answer, and the truth is likely to be a combination of the three, the answer is in training and development.  We have an ambitious and progressive plan in place to support our community in terms of the recruitment of new people and development of competency plans – Beena will be working with our members to take this to the next level.”