A new FIS Guide has been written to outline the standard definition of ‘through-wall’ and will help in their design, specification and installation.

Through-wall has become a generic term used by suppliers of systems to describe infill exterior walls constructed from light gauge steel frame (LGSF) – sometimes described as steel framing systems (SFS) – where frame, inner plasterboard and external sheathing boards are tested and sold as a system.

However, in a similar way that the framing can be defined as LGSF and SFS there is no consistency in what constitutes through-wall and that’s why FIS is publishing a new through-wall infill SFS Systems Guide.

The guide has been drafted by a panel of experts from the FIS SFS Working Group in conjunction with the Steel Construction Institute (SCI), to explain the three options:
1. From inner plasterboard to external sheathing board.
2. From inner plasterboard to external sheathing board and external wall insulation.
3. From inner plasterboard to external sheathing board, external wall insulation and façade system.

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