FIS has launched a technical guidance note, Guarding with frameless glass partitioning to help specifiers, designers, manufacturers and specialist contractors fully understand the unique challenges of utilising full height frameless glazed partitions as a barrier.

The new FIS technical note was produced by the FIS on behalf of its members and peer reviewed by the wider community in response to ongoing feedback on the specific overlap between this product category and it’s intended use which is not well described or prescribed by standards or regulations. The document also gives examples of how to harmonise the approach to performance across devolved nations where the guidance that exists can vary. 

Commenting on the need for guidance Peter Long of Optima Systems said:

“We need to be advocating the same degree of risk management in guarding as we do with fire. Both areas of construction are protecting risks to life, so both should have the same levels of attention to safe design.”

This supports the need to consider this product to be a clear example of a safety critical product.

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These guides work well when they are included in proposals and project plans to demonstrate how to best approach a project. They are also good differentiators when someone is in competition with non-members, and are an excellent introduction to new members of the team and any trainees and apprentices.

The guidance note is freely accessible to FIS members and to specifiers on request. Visit the Technical Guidance section on the webiste at