With the requirement to demonstrate competency in your workforce being carried into law with the new Building Safety Act, FIS has teamed with MyProPass (MPP) to provide a platform for businesses to manage the competency of their workforce and for individuals to demonstrate their training history.

The benefit of the MyProPass platform to individuals is that it allows them to store all of their certificates in one place and to share their training history with their employer or anyone else they grant access to their account. They can also browse and sign up to hundreds of training, CPD or industry events in the events directory. Employers can link to individuals accounts, with their permission, to view and download their training history. They can also manage any training activity which requires a certificate through the platform, issuing a digital certificate directly to an individual’s account. At a time when the industry is facing intense scrutiny, this new platform will enable companies and individuals to provide evidence of competency.

FIS Chief Executive Iain McIlwee said:

“This is an exciting next step and builds out from core tools like CSCS. It is clear that better consistency is key to competence management, especially in a fast-moving sector like ours with an uber flexible workforce – only around 30% of our trade workforce are in employment.

“MPP provides the ideal platform for us to start building digital competence passports. This is about more than the core qualifications, as it’s also about encouraging and recognising wider training activities and will offer more of a formal approach to developing and hopefully retaining people in our sector. This platform and the work we are doing around it gives us an opportunity to reset and focus not just on how we recruit, train and develop our workforce, but ultimately how we reward and encourage individuals, investing in the future of the people who are building our future.”

MPP CEO and co-founder Pia Osseforth said:

“We are truly delighted to be partnering with FIS who are leading this space of digitisation and unpicking the challenges of the industry. MyProPass is passionate about digitising competency within the construction industry. The power of data has a big role to play, and this can only be truly realised when skills gained through learning and work experience are detailed and captured digitally. As highlighted within the recent Building Safety Act, this is also becoming paramount for regulators in terms of assessing the competency of individuals working on projects. Talent management that focuses on the needs of individuals and enhances their employability can increase employee motivation and productivity and improve the attractiveness of companies as employers – issues that are particularly significant in the digital age for recruiting and retaining staff. Provision of further training, retraining and skills management are all important aspects of Continuous Professional Development. Employees will have to engage in lifelong learning through further training if they are to be capable of responding as rapidly as possible to changes in skills requirements triggered by automation and digitalisation. Working collaboratively with FIS, we look to provide value to both employers and employees and look forward to creating positive change and impact.”

To support FIS members to meet the need to prove competence, FIS has negotiated a discount for organisations wishing to engage with MyProPass.  Absolutely everything and anything can be stored digitally by individuals and organisations.

For further information about MyProPass visit www.thefis.org/skills-hub/competency-passport/ or call FIS on 0121 707 0077 or email info@thefis.org