Richard Kemble Contracts is currently working on transforming Swansea Bay film studios into a 900 bed Covid-19 NHS Nightingale Field Hospital, along with fellow FIS members Minster South West and British Gypsum.

“We were engaged by Kier’s commercial team on 3 April as Richard Kemble Contracts is part of its trusted upon supply chain and because of our ability to deliver high quality workshop and standards throughout” said Richard Kemble, director of Richard Kemble Contracts.

“Within 24 hours our team was on site to coordinate and arrange materials, labour, equipment and delivery of all parts. We worked closely with FIS Members Minster South and British Gypsum and I can’t praise enough the speed and proactiveness of both organisations in getting materials to site.”

The company was engaged to install all fire rated metal stud partitions and fire curtains to the compartment walls. Within a week of being on site, the build was split into four phases with Richard Kemble Contracts engaged on phases one, two and three. The target date to accept Covid-19 patients is 26 April.

Due to the nature of this priority essential work Richard has engaged a team of 20 to work on the project. “All were willing and eager to work on this important contract, said Richard. “In fact, we are still receiving calls from all areas of our supply chain and LOSC who want to assist”.

Initial challenges included working from reactive plans in essentially what is a very large warehouse, social distancing, plant access, getting the right material ordered quickly and take off done. Arranging the right available LOSC labour in the backdrop of the current national crisis and protecting his workforce throughout.

“Social distancing has been a real challenge”, said Richard. “We are maintaining safe site operations as best we can through the adherence to our health and safety policy and proactively adjusting it in line with the Covid-19 CLC Site Operating Procedures which FIS provided to us.

“We were fortunate in that we had also been quick to bulk order PPE at the start of March, so we could supply full face dust masks, gloves and glasses etc and hand sanitisers to workers.”

Overall, Richard states the challenges have been met with everyone working together to achieve a vital common goal. With his team working long hours and time freely given over the Easter Bank Holiday.

“I can’t thank the team enough for all their hard work. The degree of loyalty and commitment from everyone has been amazing”. A particular thank you to Jim Smith from Minister South West for all his endeavour getting us the vital materials quickly,” Richard concludes.

Richard Kemble Contracts is also working on three other public large-scale contracts, NHS Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr, Glanwilli hospital in Carmarthen & Royal Glamorgan hospital in Llantrisant South Wales.