The FIS Sustainability Leadership Group have, over the past 12 months, been discussing the challenges in Product Re-use back in commercial projects but have decided discussing isn’t enough and action is required.

To this end the group has scoped out an exciting pilot project to identify, monitor and manage a small number of products on their re-use journey.  The project is pulling in experts from the design, product supply, logistics, construction and demolition world.  At each stage they will be looking at helping to create advice for identifying reusable products, write appropriate standards and specification clauses, interrogate contractual and warranty issues, isolate any challenges in construction and deconstruction and competency needs and overcome the conundrum of logistics (including how products should be moved on and off site and stored).

At the heart of re-use conundrum is logistics and to support the project, FIS is looking to appoint a logistics partner and move product in and out of a central warehouse.   The project will run for 12 months.

To support the project FIS is seeking funding from our community and FIS would like to thank the first wave of companies who have already committed to providing some financial support for the project, these include:

TP Bennett



Space IS

Black Stone Strip out





If you are interested in getting involved, email Flavie Lowres

More information on this work is available at